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“Two Arms”
“Two Arms”, 1991
“Two Arms”
“Two Hands”
“Two Hands”, 1991
“Two Hands”
“Two Legs (contrapposto)” (1)
“Two Legs (contrapposto)”, 1992
“Two Legs (contrapposto)”
“Split Torso”
“Split Torso”, 1993
“Split Torso”
“Giovanni Battista”
“Giovanni Battista” , 1994
“Giovanni Battista”
“Ikaros”, 1994
"Twisted torso"
“Twisted torso”, 1995
“Twisted torso”
“Bending torso”
"Bending torso", 1995
"Bending torso"
"Resting torso"
“Resting torso”, 1995
“Resting torso”
“Standing Figure A”
“Standing Figure A", 1995
“Standing Figure A"
“Torso (l’incertezza del poeta)”, 1995
“Torso (l’incertezza del poeta)”
“Twee lichamen”
“Two Bodies”, 1995
“Two Bodies”
“Standing Figure B”
"Standing Figure B", 1996
"Standing Figure B"
"Resting Arm"
“Resting Arm”, 1996
“Resting Arm”
“Studie voor 7 torso’s”
“Study for 7 Torso’s”, 2000
“Study for 7 Torso’s”
“Resting body (2)”
"Resting Body (2)”, 2001
"Resting Body (2)”
“Drie rustende lichamen” (1)
"Resting body (1)", 2001
"Resting body (1)"
“Staande figuur en torso”
“Standing Figure and Torso”, 2001
“Standing Figure and Torso”
“Study for the Juggling Man (torso)”
“Study for the Juggling Man (torso)", 2002
“Study for the Juggling Man (torso)"
"Resting body (3)"
"Resting body (3)", 2003
"Resting body (3)"
"Study for the Juggler (Spielbein)", 2004
"Study for the Juggler (Spielbein)"
“The Juggling Man” (black wax)
“The Juggling Man” (black wax), 2005
“The Juggling Man” (black wax)
“The Juggling Man” (bronze)
“The Juggling Man”, 2005
“The Juggling Man”
“The Juggling Man” (epoxy)
“The Juggling Man” (epoxy), 2006
“The Juggling Man” (epoxy)
“Twee zittende half-figuren”
"Sitting half figure (1) and (2)", 2007
"Sitting half figure (1) and (2)"
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